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The Lists is a series of artistic actions connected by three different media: newspaper, art book and performance on stage. The project aims to discuss the fiction of creation and the boundaries between life and nonfiction.

The project started with public announcements of the artist’s impossibility of creation.

In a newspaper, five calls were published hiring people to create lists of activities. “These activities when performed might show someone’s personality.”

Cleaners, personal trainers, vendors and interns were required to write lists of activities to the artist, who later published the sixth hiring announcement for a role of Character Assistant. The artist hired three strangers for this role and asked them to perform the action list on stage. The artist met them just twice; during the show and one day before. The strangers performed the action list by their own will.

Image's detail: DOMÉSTICA (cleaner). Artist unable to create, looking for professional cleaner to write list of activities, 50 lines maximum. Activities listed when performed should reveal someone’s personality. R$ 70 each.

The artist presents the three Character Assistants who performed the five action lists on stage.

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