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Ação de Classificados (Actions of Announcement)

This project is a series of five calls for affection published in a newspaper. Each call aimed to invite strangers to meet the artist in a public environment and give him music, action or advice.

The first invitation was for a conversation over the phone, the second to share a meal, the third a walk, the fourth a hug. Finally, as one last attempt to receive affection, the artist published an invitation to meet on stage. There, he gave flowers and confessed his journey to the invitee in exchange of some more action.

This project explores the affectivity as fictional expression. It also exposes the invitee before the artist. During the calls, the rules to give affection become stronger while the invitee's role becomes more defined.

Actions of Announcements was offered to the general public in three different media: newspaper, live performance and art book.

Below, the fourth action announced: 

HEARTBROKEN MAN, for days does not show affection to closest people. I am staying in front of Osorio Square’s fountain, from 11am to 12am on October 13th, with my arms open waiting for those who during a hug can give me music, action or advice.

The book Actions of Announcements documents the hunting of affection. It combines photography and short tales; contains all announcements, actions, names of songs and confessions given to the artist by the invitees.

At the end of the  calls, the artist performed his own journey on stage.


Image below shows the fifth call. The call that would legitimate all the previous actions given to the artist by all strangers he met. That last announcement invited a stranger to listen to the artist's report, to hear his stories of affection received. Then, the stranger was invited to go on stage and give music, action or advice to the artist, in front of a private audience.    


Se conselho fosse bom...

Curitiba, Brazil. 


Ação de classificados

Curitiba, Brazil. 


Actions of announcements

London, UK 

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